Feeling the Love

My favorite high-schooler and I have been sharing poetry books as of late and I am inspired.

I encourage you all to write, share, and feel the love this Valentine’s day!

Training – A Love Poem

I am not lucky in love, but

I am patient, albeit annoyingly persistent.

No, love did not find me, I saw it

at a distance –training, both meaningful and engaging.

Making Gagné’s assumption, I dreamed I could make a difference

I sought to train like a champion (and PechaKucha like the man in the shiny jacket)

No, I am not lucky in love, but I am passionate

because it takes grit to follow a dream, to change course, to start new

it takes patience to find love, and I found it!

I love my career. I absolutely love training.

What do you love about training? Let’s share the love in the comments below.

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