10 Minutes (7 if you run)

There are some things we just have to do, whether we like it or not. Compliance training comes to mind immediately.

Sometimes walking falls into this category for me, too, which is why this sign stood out for me during a recent sightseeing excursion in Japan.

Almost There Edited

Hilarious, right? Entertaining? Encouraging? I appreciated the humor behind this sign so much that I took a picture of it and decided to blog about it.

Oh wait, that’s an edited version. It’s not entertaining or funny or encouraging. It’s plain. And not memorable. And typical of visual aids we normally create. Especially for mundane tasks.

Here’s the actual sign that was posted:

Almost There

It has humor. It has encouragement. For overachievers, there’s a challenge to be found.

Next time you’re putting together a slide deck or handouts or flipcharts – even if you think the topic is routine or boring – why not get a little more creative? Why not respect your audience enough to throw something a little unexpected their way? Why not go the extra mile?

It’ll probably only take an extra 10 minutes or so. Seven minutes if you run a little.

2 thoughts on “10 Minutes (7 if you run)

  1. I love this concept. One of my favorite marketing/advertising campaigns is from a Truck Stop/Gas Station in the great state of Texas. The humor and reality in their billboards is spot on and makes you want to keep seeing their signs. Ultimately, you can’t help yourself, you want to stop there just to see if the place is as cool as the signs. Power to the beaver – long live Buc-ee’s!

    • Thanks Amanda.

      Yes! Some of the Madison Avenue folks who come up with ingenious marketing campaigns – whether Super Bowl ads or Truck Stop/Gas Station billboards in Texas – can definitely be an inspiration to those of us who design learning experiences. We certainly don’t have to settle for business as usual. In fact, if we want people to retain what we teach, a pinch of creativity can definitely be helpful.

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