10 Training Icebreaker Questions that Begin with: Would You Rather…?

At home and in long car rides, my family has discovered that playing a game called “Would you rather…?” is a fun way to pass the time.

In “Would you rather…?” you’re given a choice between two options. For example: would you rather have four eyes or four ears? It’s not both/and. You can’t say “neither.”  You must choose one, and then explain why you chose it.

This game would actually make a fun icebreaker/energizing activity in the training room. Next time you’re looking to get some conversation going in your training room, try one of these:

  1. Would you rather reach into your training supplies to find that all of your markers are dry OR reach into your briefcase and find that you forgot to bring you handouts?
  2. Would you rather lose your voice on the morning of your presentation OR walk into the presentation room and be informed that the projector bulb blew and it cannot be replaced?
  3. Would you rather present in a room where the temperature is stuck at 85 degrees OR 58 degrees?
  4. Would you rather show up to a ballroom (or large meeting room) to find that only 3 really enthusiastic people decided to come to your training session OR show up to the meeting room to find wall-to-wall attendees who      refuse to say a word during your presentation?
  5. Would you rather get the hiccups in the middle of the most important presentation of your career OR pass gas (loudly) at the beginning of every staff meeting you attend?
  6. Would you rather give the same presentation to a different audience twice a day day for the next month OR give a different presentation to the same audience every day for the next year?
  7. Would you rather use jazz hands throughout the entirety of your next presentation OR deliver your next presentation using dirty limericks?
  8. Would you rather co-facilitate with the Janice character from Friends OR give constructive criticism to Tony Soprano on how to be more inclusive in his decision-making processes?
  9. Would you rather kick off your next presentation after getting the worst haircut of your life OR spill coffee all over your shirt 2 minutes before your presentation is set to begin?
  10. Would you rather speak like Donald Duck OR giggle uncontrollably every time you say the word “but”?

Do you have a great “Would you rather…?” question that would make for a fun icebreaker/energizer? Add it to the comments section.

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5 thoughts on “10 Training Icebreaker Questions that Begin with: Would You Rather…?

  1. Would you rather be late setting up on day 1 but have all your materials in hand, or be early to set up and find that noone is quite sure where your box of materials are, or if they even arrived?

    Would you rather have too much content to cover in the allotted time or not enough content to cover in the allotted time?

    Would you rather have an audience whose English language ability is minimal but who are eager to learn from you, or an audience of self considered experts who aren’t convinced they need to be there?

    • Priscilla – NICE additions!! I’ll play…
      1) Arrive early… then improvise (I just think arriving late is disrespectful toward the audience).
      2) Not enough. We can use the extra time for discussion. And if worse comes to worse, people leave early (with a call to action in hand) and have an opportunity to get a head start in applying what they’ve learned!
      3) Eager learners. Much easier to overcome the language barrier than the motivation barrier.

  2. Here’s some from the instructor and instructee POV…

    Would you rather show up completely prepared to teach… the WRONG class… OR find out you’re teaching a class in THIRTY minutes?

    Would you rather teach in your underwear OR teach a group of nudists?

    Would you rather teach soft skills to a group of teens with iPhones out OR teach a technology class to a group of Golden Agers?

    Would you rather teach content YOU don’t agree with OR teach content the AUDIENCE doesn’t agree with?

    Would you rather have an instructor who chews gum like a cow for the entire class (but has great breath) or have an intimate three-hour session with Mr. Funk Breath?

    Would you rather have an instructor who is very informative but prohibits notes and handouts OR an instructor who provides plenty of material but doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

    Would you rather an instructor that speaks ‘Pirate’ for three hours OR an instructor who mispronounces the word ‘the’ for three hours. (Think ‘ta-hee’)

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