A 17-syllable Icebreaker Can Reveal A Lot

In the beginning

I want to know my learners

Their Challenge: Haiku


I model the task

I’m not “too good” to do this

I write on flipchart



My haiku reveals

I really like Mr. Sketch

And lifelong learning


Breaking the ice – smiles

Or sometimes they roll their eyes

But now I know them


Their expectations

Their subject matter knowledge

Three intriguing lines


Use this icebreaker

The next time you meet learners

What will they reveal?


Actually, don’t wait!

Leave a comment in haiku

What is your story?


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12 thoughts on “A 17-syllable Icebreaker Can Reveal A Lot

  1. Awesome, Brian! I totally want to do this at my next IT training. “Describe what you expect from this session with a haiku.” Love it.

    • Kirby – now THAT would be fascinating. I’ve generally done this in the social services sector where people are a little more willing to play along. Let me know how it goes with your IT audience!

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