5 Ways to Start a Webinar for Maximum Interactivity

A while back I asked: “Why are people checking their email when they should be paying attention to my webinar?!” The answer to that question revolved around engagement and interactivity that can be designed into a webinar. That blog post had several ideas for interactivity depending on your tolerance for risk (the cooler and more engaging you may want to make your webinar, the greater the reward… and the greater the opportunity that the technology could fail).

One thing to remember about interactivity in webinars, however, is that your audience may not be ready for it. Many people still see webinars as little more than glorified conference calls (and by “glorified” I mean conference calls that simply have accompanying on-screen PowerPoint presentations… and maybe a poll or two).

Why not take the first five minutes of your next webinar – you know, the time that you’re needing to kill as you’re waiting for last-minute joiners to log on to Adobe Connect or download all the stuff that needs to be downloaded in order to hop on to Blackboard Collaborate – and get your attendees warmed up with some of the web conferencing features you’ll be using to engage them.

Here are five ideas of how to do this as people are logging on:

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Start a Webinar for Maximum Interactivity

  1. Brian,
    Very helpful ideas. This got me thinking about warming up a group in a face-to-face workshop, and what activities might prime them to begin promptly at the designated time.

    • Thanks Pam!

      Yeah, #5 is something I use a lot in the classroom with a few flipcharts hanging around the room, prompting responses(a former professor of mine called it the “Messy Start” because you give people a marker as they walk in and the session has kind of already begun even if they walk in 10 minutes early).

      And #4 is really easy to just have scrolling on a PPT deck as people enter in order to “prime” them for your content.

      Let me know if you come up with other ideas – for webinars or in-person!

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