A New Spin on Peer Feedback Forms


Greetings from sunny Uganda! I’m on assignment this week in Kampala, where it’s Day 2 of a 3-day train-the-trainer program.

There will be a lot of practice facilitation and peer feedback today. Days like this can grow long and monotonous, with presentation after presentation, and the peer feedback process can grow stale and feel drawn-out after the first 5 or 6 presentations.

Recently, a colleague suggested I alter our peer feedback form. For this suggestion, I think he’s a genius.  

He looked at a draft of my feedback and immediately pointed out what I already knew: this looks like it could get boring after a while.

His suggestion? Turn the feedback forms into a B-I-N-G-O board. This way the observers may be invested in finding ways to give every presenter a variety of feedback, actively looking for adult learning principles and other concepts in action.

Here’s an example of what the feedback form will look like:


Instead of marking each square with an “X”, observers will need to write what specifically they observed so that they can give examples along with their feedback. Anyone who can fill up a card at the end of a person’s practice presentation will be given a prize.

Today is the first time we’ll be trying these feedback forms out. I’m sure we’ll need to adjust and refine the activity, but at least now I’m looking forward to practice presentations and the ensuing feedback much more.

What are some ways you’ve found to encourage high quality feedback from your participants?


Interested in bringing some of these ideas to your organization? Let’s connect! I’m always happy to jump on Skype to connect with other L&D professionals. Or if you want to work together on a project, you can reach me here!

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