Trainer’s Guide to GoToMeeting

Sample from the Trainer's Guide to GoToMeeting

We are pleased to release the Trainer’s Guide to GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is probably a platform that you have found yourself in already for meetings. But is it a platform that you have considered conducting a training session in? The Trainer’s Guide to GoToMeeting will show you how you can easily conduct your next training session via the GoToMeeting platform.

Here at Endurance Learning, we like to give the people what they want. And this year that means virtual training tools! The best virtual training tool to try in 2021 is Soapbox. Simply tell Soapbox that you are planning a session via GoToMeeting (or any of our other compatible platforms) and Soapbox will build you a lesson plan, handouts, and slide deck in 10 minutes or less. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial to experiment with creating new training sessions or spend a few minutes asking Soapbox to convert a pre-existing in-person training session to a virtual training session. We know, we’re making your job so easy!

If you’re looking to expand your skills with a different training platform, check out one of our other Trainer’s Guides.

Do you know what else is great? Soapbox is completely compatible with Adobe Connect! Sign up for a 14-day free trial and give it a try.

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