Ugh.  That’s what I think every time I’m exposed to a learning experience that is boring.  In my role as instructional designer and training professional, I really try to make it my mission to rid the world of boring learning experiences.

In 2011, Training Magazine pronounced me a “top young trainer”.  In 2015, the Association for Talent Development even spotlighted this blog! Both of those forms of recognition were pretty darn cool.  But what I really find fascinating is seeing the moment when someone in my workshop “gets it” for the first time – it’s like watching a light turn on.

My journey into the world of learning and development is pretty typical. If you have 96 seconds, this little cartoon will explain it in more detail:

I’ve been facilitating workshops and engaging in instructional design and training development for about 17 years – beginning with my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer and continuing through my current work as Global Training and Development Manager with SightLife.

In my previous life (as a college student and young professional), I also spent time as the mascot for both The George Washington University as well as for the (now defunct) Washington Wart Hogs professional indoor soccer team.

Throughtout all of this, I keep coming back to the idea that people who present, people who train, people who are responsible for the learning of others should go “all out” when they are preparing.  I really see it as a responsibility for presenters to put significant effort into their preparation and planning so that they can engage and dazzle – basically, so they can “train like a champion”.

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