An Interesting App for Better Visual Aids in the Training Room

A few weeks ago I had a chance to attend a session by Bianca Woods, in which she shared her insights on dozens of free and low cost apps that could help you create better visual aids for your next training program. You can check out her full list of recommended apps and accessories for better visual aids here.

As I began to download a few apps that were recommended during her session, I found myself going down a bit of an App Store rabbit hole, finding all sorts of ideas and inspiration for upcoming training programs.

I came across an Inspirational Poster-making app, and I immediately thought this could be a fun way to create better visual aids for activities like a Gallery Walk.

In past presentation skills and Train the Trainer sessions, I have a standard activity in which I have participants walk around the room, exploring cards I have posted on the walls that describe various adult learning principles. A typical card looks like this:

Adult Learning - Learn by Doing

But what if I made wall cards to post around the room that look more like this:

Inspirational Poster - Learn by Doing

Which one would you prefer to look at and explore if you were in a training session?

Looks matter.¬†Looks can pique a learner’s curiosity. Looks can evoke emotion, which in turn contributes to longer term retention. Looks can help the training room look more professional, which adds to the credibility of a program.

This particular app is called Motivational Poster and will run you $0.99.

What apps have you found to be helpful in creating training resources?


4 thoughts on “An Interesting App for Better Visual Aids in the Training Room

  1. I love this idea! I’m in the process of developing a Qualified Trainer program for my site and I think something like this would be a great addition to the classroom. With your Gallery Walk, do you have any sort of activity tied to it or is it more of an opportunity for attendees to review the concepts during breaks,etc? Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Laura!

      With the gallery walk, I give the participants a few minutes to walk around the room and read through the cards. Then I ask them to gravitate toward the principle they feel is THE MOST IMPORTANT one. Then we debrief by having them explain why they chose that one principle as the most important. There is no right or wrong answer, but it forces them to think critically about each principle and leads to some good discussion. Then (time permitting), I have them again move around the room and stand next to the principle they want to know more about or have questions about. I have them spend time talking it over in small groups, then in the large group we discuss the principles that are the least clear to each participant.

      • Ah, that makes sense!

        I’ll take this opportunity to say that in the process of trying to create our Qualified Trainer program, your train-the-trainer blog posts have been extremely helpful. Thank your continuing to share your experiences!

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