Are You Willing to Rebel Against Mediocre Learning Initiatives?

Every once in a while, someone in my network makes me a wee bit jealous of something they’re working on. A cool, innovative way to solve a problem (why didn’t I think of that??). An amazing eLearning solution (why can’t I design something similarly original and unique and engaging??).

Last week I learned my colleague Shannon Tipton published an ebook entitled: Disruptive Learning: Discover Your Inner Learning Rebel. Shannon has blogged about the theme of disrupting workplace learning through more effective learning strategies for years on her Learning Rebels blog. Now she’s published a book (and I’m a bit jealous).

If you have $5.99 and are looking for a quick summer read and you’re looking for some new ideas to transform your overall learning strategy, take a look.

One of the great things about being active on social media is the opportunity to connect with thought leaders across the field of learning and development. I continue to be amazed that, by simply connecting with these folks through Twitter or LinkedIn, I have access to their thoughts on the field of learning and development on a daily basis. These connections give me new ideas and energy and ultimately make me better at what I do.

If you’re looking for a few other quick reads, I’d also recommend checking out:

  1. Michelle Baker’s Onboarding Tools for Hiring Managers: Tips, Tools and Rules to Set New Employees Up for Success
  2. Clark Quinn’s Revolutionize Learning & Development: Performance & Innovation Strategy for the Information Age

And of course, if you’re still looking for a nice book to take to the beach this summer and keep your skills sharp while you generate some vitamin D, here is a list of 14 other books you might be interested in.

3 thoughts on “Are You Willing to Rebel Against Mediocre Learning Initiatives?

  1. Brian- can’t thank you enough for your mention!

    What you talked about was exactly my intention, bringing new thoughts, tips and ideas to people. If they get those ideas while drinking frosty adult beverages while on the beach, then more the better. 🙂 In all seriousness, as I mention in the book, it takes a village to shake off the grip of learning mediocrity. If I share with two friends and you share with two friends.,, well, you get the jist. More importantly it’s about action. Even the smallest action can bring about big change. Hence, the hashtag I’ve been using #LetsDoThis!

    Again, you sharing my efforts is very much appreciated and I hope it encourages people to take action. I’m honored to have been included on your list! Now, #LetsDoThis!

  2. Brian,
    wanted you to know I just published a book with Wiley & Sons. not a training book but one on women in leadership. Real Women, Real Leaders is available on Amazon and other on line retailers. Very proud of it! check it out!

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