A Crash Course for a Beginning Training Designer

There are plenty of courses you can take, books to read, certificate or even master’s level programs to study, but sometimes people who are mapping out a training program just need something right now. They don’t have the time to read a book or the money to complete a course. Following is a list of quick reference resources (articles, podcasts), activity ideas and job aids for someone who just needs a crash course and some resources… now.

What is Adult Learning Theory (and why might I want to know a bit about it when designing training)?

How can I write Learning Objectives (and how can they help me create engaging learning)?

How can I organize a session using a lesson plan?

What is a simple model I can use to create engaging, effective training?

What are some activities I can use to engage people in training?

Is there a difference between “engaging” training and “effective” training?

How do I know if the training was successful?

Need some help getting people at your organization adopting and using some of these principles? We’ve worked with plenty of organizations – large and small – to teach basic training design and delivery skills. We’ve also worked with organizations to create engaging materials that put all the principles in the above resources into practice (so that their employees didn’t need to take the time to try to master all of these skills and principles and could focus solely on training delivery). Either way, if you need some help with your next training program, drop me a line and I’d love to hear more about ways we might be able to collaborate and ease the burden of training design in your organization!

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