Building the Training DNA of SMEs (Part 1)

Last week in India, I witnessed what it looks like to have sound instructional design and adult learning incorporated into the DNA of a group of subject matter experts.  The following slideshow offers a few snapshots of what this physically looked like.  The photos were taken during two and a half days of workshops featuring surgeons, health care executives, Board of Trustee members and middle management.  Almost every session was led by a subject matter expert.

As you watch the slideshow, compare how many times you see someone standing behind a podium, clicking through slides vs. the number of photos of all 70 of the meeting attendees discussing, exploring, writing and actively participating in the learning activities.

Moving SMEs toward training design that involves and engages their learners didn’t happen overnight.  It wasn’t something that happened during the two months of preparation that went into last week’s meeting.  It’s been the culmination of two years’ worth of discussions, coaching, feedback, training and buy-in by everyone involved.

Friday, this Train Like A Champion Blog will outline the key milestones and strategies taken to build sound adult learning and instructional design into the DNA of the subject matter experts I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past several years.

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