Cool PowerPoint Tricks: A Free Jeopardy Game Template

When used well, PowerPoint is a presentation tool that can engage and dazzle your audience. PowerPoint holds the potential to facilitate a give-and-take between the presenter and the audience.

One example of how a presenter can involve his or her audience is by turning the projector screen into a giant game board. Click here to download a Jeopardy-like quiz game template.

The instructions are on the first slide, but feel free to contact me at bpwashburn at if you have questions or need any help bringing this to your classroom or training room.

Looking for a different PowerPoint-based game? Click here to learn how to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a Family Feud-like game board.

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And finally, if you’re a mother, I hope you have a very happy Mothers’ Day this weekend!

5 thoughts on “Cool PowerPoint Tricks: A Free Jeopardy Game Template

  1. Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes Brian.
    And definitely I am going to use this template soon. Much needed with the popularity it gained in past with my team,

    • Rakhi! Happy Mothers’ Day indeed to you. Hope you have something fun planned.

      I absolutely created this template with our previous session experiences in mind and the enthusiasm a game like this seemed to generate for otherwise relatively dry topics. Hopefully this template is helpful!

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