Cool PowerPoint Tricks: Real-time Polling

PowerPoint doesn’t need to be a 1-way medium of communication. Creative presenters may use PowerPoint to get ideas from the audience and write text on the screen in real time. Or perhaps turn PowerPoint into a game like Family Feud or Jeopardy (here’s a free PowerPoint-based Jeopardy template).

And thanks to PollEverywhere, presenters can embed interactive poll questions and results right into their presentation.

All you need is to visit, grab the PowerPoint slide template and insert it into your presentation.

Your audience members simply use their smart phones to text responses or respond via the polleverywhere website.

PollEverywhere PowerPoint Trick

This service is free for groups of 40 or fewer. Polleverywhere offers a range of pricing options and features for larger groups. I attended a session several weeks ago in which there were only 8 participants. Initially I thought: well, can’t the presenter just ask us to raise our hands? But I must admit, it was kind of fun and novel to vote on a response and then wait in suspense until the facilitator revealed the poll results.

Oh, there’s one more thing you need: the desire to allow your participants to get involved in your presentation. If you have the desire to engage your group, definitely check it out!

Have you found a technology that helps engage the audience? Let’s hear about it in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Cool PowerPoint Tricks: Real-time Polling

  1. Hey Brian. There is also an add-on for PowerPoint now for Poll Everywhere. You can create your polls online as usual and then use the add-on to insert them right into your presentation without having to download the slides from their site. I have been using it lately and it really has streamlined the process!

    Thanks for the post.

    • Thanks Scott. Your session a few weeks ago, and specifically the way you used PollEverywhere inspired this post!

      I’d seen it used a few years ago, but it wasn’t used very effectively. The technology is cool, but the facilitator needs to know how to harness it and use its powers strategically and intentionally (which you did a fabulous job of, by the way).

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