Cool PowerPoint Tricks: Write on Your Slides During your Presentation

Sometimes you want to capture the audience’s responses in writing for all to see, but using a flipchart just isn’t practical. Like in a room of 200 people. Or on a webinar. Or when you’re presenting in a place where it’s considered uncouth to come out from behind the podium.

Here is one simple way to turn a projector screen and an LCD projector into a giant piece of flipchart paper:

1. Open PowerPoint and start a new file (or go to the slide on which you’d like to capture responses in writing).

2. Click on the Developer tab


3. Select the Text Box (from the Controls menu)


4. Insert a Text Box where you’d like to record comments and/or write on your slide


That’s it. When you go to Presentation mode and come to this slide, you can ask your audience for their thoughts and type everything they say in this box, on the screen, in the moment. It’s a simple, quick and easy way to allow your audience to interact with you and your slides during a presentation.


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15 thoughts on “Cool PowerPoint Tricks: Write on Your Slides During your Presentation

  1. Thanks for your great tip! If you go into the properties, you can change MultiLine to TRUE. Then you can use SHIFT + ENTER to have multiple lines of text.

  2. Great tip Brian! I have also used “Ctrl + P” while showing a PowerPoint presentation and you can then use your mouse to annotate on top of the slide that is up. Works really well with a stylus and pad, but still workable with peripheral mouse.

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