Flash Cards as a Job Aid

I was working with a team last week to push forward a sales training program that I was helping them develop. At one point, a sales team member asked: Have you ever used Quizlet?

No, I hadn’t.

She pulled out her phone and showed me how she quickly created a series of flashcards to help her study terminology she’d need in order to sound intelligent and informed during her sales calls.

flash cards as a job aid

The flashcards were basic – nothing flashy – but they could be used by someone sitting in front of a computer (via the desktop version) or someone who was on the road (via the free app). I was intrigued.  

I signed up for a free account and started pecking away, creating a few test sets. I began to show it to a few co-workers and asked if it was something they could see using in the field. They were intrigued, too. It could be used to review material they learned in training, or we could load it full of price lists and instead of having to call their support team, the sales reps could have on-demand pricing information at the tips of their fingers. This is bigger than just a study tool.

While the free version seems adequate for what we’re trying to accomplish at the moment, there is an option for a paid subscription ($19.99/year) in order to have functions such as enhanced video and audio recording, ad-free studying and “faster support”.

Quizlet - flash cards as a job aid

I created a sample a job aid for emergency facilitation tips if you want to try it out for yourself. By clicking that link you can view flashcards, quiz yourself or play a matching game on your mobile device (I challenge you to beat my world record time of 26.8 seconds to complete the matching activity!). The desktop version also offers a game called “Gravity” in which you can save the Earth from falling facts/facilitation tips.

Quizlet doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles and it’s primarily set up to be used by K-12 audiences, but for learning and development professionals looking for new ways to engage learners (or to develop easy to access job aids), it’s extremely simple to set up and deploy to your learners.

We’ve also created instructions for how to create a simple job aid in Word. Check it out and let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Flash Cards as a Job Aid

  1. I loved Quizlet when I was a teacher in the K-12 system. It was a great way to introduce/review terms with students. As a trainer now, I can see this being very useful as a job aid. Thanks for this very helpful post!

    • Thanks Clare! Yes, everything about it (from the minute you click on the site to the moment you set up a new set of study terms) screams K-12… yet it’s so helpful for learners of any age who are looking for an e-based solution (either desktop or mobile) to recall terms or just have a job aid at the ready!

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