Got Training Writer’s Block? Maybe the solution is to do nothing.

Sometimes that need we all feel to be creative in designing our next training program, yet the ideas don’t seem to be flowing, can lead to all sorts of feelings – frustration, panic, resignation to just doing what you’ve always done and calling it “good enough”.

I’ve certainly felt all of these things. In today’s short podcast, I offer some thoughts in how I’ve broken through that training writer’s block that we all encounter from time to time.

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Where do The Greats find creativity?

Earlier this month I shared some research behind some practices that can help exercise your creative muscle. In today’s post, I began to dig around to see how some of the most creative people in other industries find their creativity and inspiration, in hopes that you’ll find some transferable lessons as you look to bring your own training programs to the next level.

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How do we get more creative in training design?

Late last summer, I had the opportunity to have dinner with authors Karl Kapp, Rance Greene, Robyn Defelice. During dinner, the conversation turned to training industry conferences, specifically the observation that whether you attend a conference put on by the Learning Guild, ATD, Training Magazine or any other talent development organization, the format is generally the same.

I posed the question to the group: “Well, how would you do things differently if you were organizing a conference? What would a different format even look like?”

Everyone around the table mulled that over for a moment. Honestly, a conference was a conference, and I didn’t really have any bright ideas on how the standard format could be improved.

Having dinner with people like this is exactly how we get more creative in our training design.

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