Crowdsourcing Training Trivia

Crowd Sourcing

This coming Thursday I’ll be serving as the emcee for the Association of Talent Development Puget Sound (ATDps) chapter’s annual conference. As I was talking over this opportunity with a colleague, she asked what I’d be doing to engage the audience from the beginning.

One idea that came to me is that we could get the audience engaged before the session even begins. This is where, dear reader, I need some help from you today.  

I’d like to have a PowerPoint presentation scrolling through on auto-advance as people enter the main room. Featured on this slide deck will be a series of trivia questions, fun facts and recommended resources. Here is the deck as it currently stands:

My questions for you are:

  • What other training trivia could be interesting for an audience focused on training and professional development?
  • What other resources would you recommend?
  • Are there other fun facts revolving around training and professional development?

I’d love to know what you’d add. Let me know in the comment section!

Thanks in advance for your help!!

9 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing Training Trivia

  1. What about some interesting factoids of workplace behavior? Maybe something that compares time in training and development vs:
    * How much time people play candy crush
    * Time spent on March Madness
    These could drive at the need for gamification. Or….
    * Time lost due to poor sleep
    * Time lost at work due to being a caregiver
    These could drive at the challenges people face in addition to their job. We need to keep people engaged and activated to help them get the most of our learning.

    Good luck MC Brian! Have you chosen your walk-on song?

  2. How about throwing in some “who’s who” in the education world (Gagne, Knowles, Gardner, etc.). You could probably do something fun with the experiential leaning cycle, too. And I’d have a question about ATD history too. 70-20-10 model; a mobile learning stat; Bloom’s Taxonomy and the updated eLearning version are things I’d include in my trivia game (which I might have to do for our next facilitator boot camp!).

  3. Brian – How about the following – Which slide has a grammatical error that needs corrected before going before professional trainers? Correct! Number 18 and the words “more faster”. I like your idea and the ideas submitted in the comments section.

  4. While this isn’t something to put in your powerpoint, it is an option for getting people engaged and talking before the session begins. We will sometimes put up several flipcharts. On each flip chart, we’ve written an intriguing question related to the upcoming talk. We ask people to walk around the room and write their answers below each question. This exercise gets people talking to each other and primes critical thinking on the topic in advance. We refer back to the questions and answers throughout the talk.

    • Thanks Susan!

      I saw that used at the last ATDps big event I attended – they had questions around the room and asked people to use voting dots about different topics from the day to gauge where people stood.

      I love such “priming the pump” strategies before a session. Thanks!

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