Five Outstanding “Presentation Skills” PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint is a tool that, when used well, can make a presentation look and feel more engaging, more professional and more “sticky.”  Unfortunately, very few presenters use PowerPoint well.

I’ve been spending some time on Slideshare recently, looking for some inspiration for some upcoming presentations.  Here are five well-designed PowerPoint decks that I’ve found interesting for two reasons:

1)      The slides are well-designed, simple and clean – a good model for anyone gearing up to put some PowerPoint slides into their presentations

2)      The content of the slides is focused on different aspects of presentation skills

How close can you come to designing clean, engaging, simple slides like these for your presentations?

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7 thoughts on “Five Outstanding “Presentation Skills” PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Graphics, graphics, graphics. Why are they vital? People are visual. In my current position as a courseware developer, the emphasis on graphics is equal to the text. We are responsible for making the graphic speak to the text and making the text speak to the graphic. Anything less is failing to provide relevant training.

    I particularly like the analogy of the billboard and the three-second rule. While Power Point is not the foundation of our courseware, we do utilize it for storyboarding for our graphics.

    Thank you for providing great insight on making a good product even better.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jeff. Yes indeed, people are visual (whether or not they rank “visual learning” as their dominant learning style). And while bulleted lists are things you may be able to see and read, they aren’t necessarily visual elements when it comes to learning and evoking an emotional connection with the material.

      Perhaps you said it best – graphics, graphics, graphics!

  2. Another short and sweet blog with high impact! I enjoyed the presentations you incorporated into your blog and they had great references to achieve the desired outcome of the blog.

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