Here’s to the Trainers

In 1997, Apple kicked off its “Think Different” campaign with an iconic and inspirational commercial paying tribute to “people who think they’re crazy enough to change the world…”

I believe that anyone in the learning field – instructional designers, teachers, professional trainers, people who have been asked to put together a presentation at a conference or at a staff meeting – has an opportunity to change the world.

Here is my Apple-esque tribute to learning professionals:

Here’s to the inspirational ones

The teachers

The trail-blazers

The ones who create audience-centered experiences

While some may see them as a necessary evil to get CEUs or free pizza

I see possibility

Because the people who are brave enough to take risks and to find ways to inspire their audience

Are the ones who unleash the potential to do amazing things

As the Thanksgiving season descends upon me here in the United States, I’m extremely thankful that I’m in a position where I have an opportunity to change the world through amazing learning experiences (if I do say they’re “amazing” myself). I’m also extremely thankful for the readership of my blog – thank you for reading (and special thanks to those who comment or Tweet a post from time to time!!).

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2 thoughts on “Here’s to the Trainers

  1. Brian, I am thankful for you and your blog! I always pick up a new idea or have my teaching philosphy reconfirmed! I love the idea of the pizza eaters, I always called them the vacationers!

    • Aww, thanks Priscilla! Glad there are some useful thoughts. I always think back to a conversation I overheard on a city bus a few years ago when two guys who obviously knew each other just happened to run in to each other in the seat behind me. One said that he was heading to a training. The other said: “Sorry to hear that… but hey, at least it’s free pizza!”

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