How To Design An Effective Onboarding Program (podcast)

The first day on a new job can be daunting. People are walking into a group who have already established relationships with each other and found their place in a company. Like being the new kid at school, new employees may feel lost and out of place before even walking through the doors of the organization, virtually or physically.

This week on the Train Like You Listen podcast, Marci Morford, manager of onboarding, culture, and innovation programs at Salesforce, spends some time with us to discuss onboarding. During this podcast, she takes this time to discuss onboarding as a concept and how to use that concept to set practical goals for new-hires. She takes some time to  highlight important moments for new employees to consider when designing an onboarding program, gives us advice on how to design an effective program, and explains what needs to be asked of  managers to make these programs successful.

Listen using the player below. Please leave us your thoughts in the comment section or on twitter @train_champion.

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