Infographic: How “Sticky” is Your Training?

Last year, I published the following infographic about the frighteningly enormous amount of time, money and resources wasted on training. As part of that infographic, I also cited some studies on evidence-based measures that could help training deliver better results.

Why Corporate Training is a Colossal Waste

As a sort of sequel to that, I’ve created a new infographic/flowchart (below) to determine the likelihood of whether your training will be retained and applied on the job (the “stickiness” factor), or not. 


While nothing in this flowchart will guarantee success, failure to take some of the steps in the success path of this flowchart will likely mean that your training will be forgotten before your learners go to bed at night.

What do you think? What’s missing from this flowchart?


One thought on “Infographic: How “Sticky” is Your Training?

  1. Couple of good infographics and while the 2nd in particular is not rocket science, it provides a great checklist to consider while doing your instructional design. I might suggest that it could also have a pre and post event ‘ wrapper’ Say some pre event task with a clear message that the activity will be referenced or built on during the event. As prep for any post event consolidation encourage delegates to create and discuss a short (no more than 5) action plan of what they intend to put in to practice, by when and how it will enable them to grow or change back on the coal face.

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