Instead of PowerPoint… dance?

If you’ve read my blog posts for a while, you know I have some strong opinions about PowerPoint. In short, I think it’s a powerful tool that is all too often poorly used in presentations, wasting people’s time and turning them more cynical to training and presentations in general.

A while back, I proposed 10 alternatives to PowerPoint. But I never thought of dance as an alternative to PowerPoint until this past weekend when I watched this TED Talk.

If you have 11 minutes, I encourage you to give it a view. If you only have 5 minutes, then fast forward to the 6:00 mark, where he offers his proposal on an alternative to PowerPoint.


I’m not sure I’m sold on dance as a visual alternative to PowerPoint. Honestly, I felt the dancers were more distracting to me than anything during his first five minutes. But I like his thinking in terms of the need for more effective ways to visually represent information.

What do you think? Is dance something you’d ever consider as an alternative to PowerPoint? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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