Imposter Syndrome in L&D


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Do any of the following sentences describe you?

  • I am not a perfectionist. If I was, I would be more perfect.
  • I stay late at work or send after-hours emails to reassure my team I am committed.
  • I am where I am because of good luck or good timing.
  • I procrastinate to the point where I can’t possibly do my best work.

In other words, do you have a specific set of reactions to the thought that you may not be worthy of who you are as an L&D professional? Continue reading

The Value of a Pilot

Pilot Training

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Picture yourself near the end of a project lifecycle. Over the last several weeks you attended weekly meetings, had coffee with subject matter experts, adjusted timelines, submitted several drafts, made revisions based on feedback, and finally your project is ready for an audience. You are done with the hard work and ready to mark the project as complete. Not so fast! Continue reading

The Shackles of Copyright Infringement

Copyright Ball & Chain

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Facing jail or even prison time is not a place I ever want to find myself. Several stories in the news have been exploring charges that may lead to arrests of some very powerful people in this country. Reading through the allegations, there seems to be a lot of lawyers fighting about what they consider to be grey areas in the law. These stories have me wondering if it would have just been easier for these individual to simply stay on the right side of the law in the first place, but perhaps they were never briefed on the actions that could initiate a probe.

As L&D professionals, it is important that we never find ourselves in a legal grey area. Continue reading

The Creative Process

Research Ruminate Realize Revise

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about creativity, unless of course, I run out of it. I will admit, I have moments where I don’t even have bad ideas, let alone good ones. It is like I open the door to my creativity closet, and the shelves are empty.

The concept of creativity is a difficult one to nail down. There are a lot of vantages on what creativity is and how creativity is fostered. Some view creativity as a trait native to certain types of people, some view it as a thinking style, and some point to it being relative to one’s intelligence. No matter how you view it, creativity is a fundamental asset in training and development. Continue reading

Personality Tests and Training


Generally speaking; Doctors and nurses are the worse patients, waitresses are the worst restaurant customers, and trainers are the worst participants. I fall into the last group, I struggle in trainings unless I find them relevant and engaging and I can be a bit of a critic.

I attended a training recently where the facilitator had some interesting ideas about keeping the session fun and interactive, ideas I am sure were well intentioned and were there to help us learn. Unfortunately new to the facilitation world, he chose to start the session with an activity he was familiar with. The objective of our meeting was to learn a bit more about team dynamics and help us determine a team style. To do this, he had us take a personality test. Continue reading

Instructional Design Dilemma: Knowing When To Let Go

Let Go

Last Thursday we published a transcript of a conversation our team had about game design. One theme from that post is the idea of letting go of something that you poured your heart and soul into.

I love my job, and that shows in how much I love what we produce. As a result of this passion, I often find myself emotionally connected with what we produce and I have a sense of pride when I feel we accomplished what we set off to achieve. I am not a perfectionist, but I do like putting out good work. Continue reading