3 Job Aid Design Lessons from a Beach in Hawaii

I’ve been on vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii for the past week, and as I’ve been known to do, I’m constantly on the lookout for instructional design and blog inspiration. On Monday, I had a chance to be inspired while on a snorkeling trip.

While being able to swim amongst a variety of fish in their natural habitat was pretty cool, perhaps even more cool (at least from a nerdy, instructional design perspective) was this sign that I spotted near the water.

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What new skills can be mastered in a 60-minute webinar?

The short answer: I can’t really think of any skill that can be mastered through a 60-minute webinar. I can, however, think of lots of skills that can be introduced and even developed over the course of a 60-minute session (in-person or virtual), but true mastery requires learning, being open to making mistakes as you try something new out, practicing, reflecting, practicing some more, getting feedback, acting on that feedback, continuing to practice… you see where I’m going.

Let’s put the idea of true mastery as the result of some sort of training intervention to the side. I want to share a recent experience I had with a client in which we introduced the idea of setting SMART goals into their mentoring program. It all began with a 60-minute webinar.

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