Just because you have a projector doesn’t mean you have to use PowerPoint

As I sat and watched the presenter switch from PowerPoint to a Word document, I was intrigued.


I’m writing from Austin, TX where Day 1 of the eLearning Guild’s FocusOn Learning Conference has just wrapped up.

The first presentation I attended was led by Vincent Han from Mobile Coach. He opened his presentation by getting to know his audience’s experiences with mobile technology, specifically around text messaging. Instead of launching into his content, he asked questions.

The part of his presentation I appreciated the most, however, was the entire second half of his presentation, which was dedicated to building out an example of what he had been talking to us about (a strategy to engage learners via text messaging). He toggled away from his PowerPoint deck and opened up a graphic organizer in Word.

It was a great reminder that people don’t just want to hear what you have to say, they want to use what you say. It’s tough to allow your learners an opportunity to use your content if you stay in PowerPoint.

Beyond PowerPoint, what kinds of things do you project in order to engage your audience?

2 thoughts on “Just because you have a projector doesn’t mean you have to use PowerPoint

  1. I worked in a Google-doc heavy culture and we would put communal documents up and work collectively in meetings. It was super effective to bridge the technology gap but still interactive in a way that allowed collaboration and idea sharing.

    • I love that idea – makes meetings so much more engaging. AND I also love that idea for bigger meetings and conference sessions.

      During a presentation, you could do this and get EVERYONE (at least everyone who brought a device) to add content AND they’d have a take-away that was created at the conference that they could access when they go back home.

      Thanks Alana!

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