One Website, 51 Different Learning Elements

As you may have heard, I wrote a book recently (and I’m super humbled and flattered by the reviews people have been posting on Amazon!!). If you’re interested in checking it out, here is a quick link. Today’s post is about a giant, free resource that my colleagues developed as a sort of companion piece to the book.

The book, entitled What’s Your Formula: Combine Learning Elements for Impactful Training, revolves around a periodic table of 51 different learning elements, which are organized into five different categories.

A number of people have written to me to tell me that this image is fun, useful… even whimsical. But what if you could go to a site and click around on the different elements so you could learn more about them, get some specific examples of how they can be used and determine which other elements my bond well with them?

Thanks to my amazingly creative colleagues Tim Waxenfelter, Rachel Niles and Erin Peterschick, a site like that now exists. Here is a link to an interactive version of this periodic table.

Here is just one example of what you’ll see when you click on a specific element:

If you have some time, check it out, then come back here and let me know if it’s useful for you and how you’re able to use it.

Happy training!

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