Which virtual activities should you be using to help people learn?

Several weeks ago, I asked readers to share how confident they felt in delivering virtual presentations. This was the result:

Over the past week we offered a series of webinars to share some thoughts on how to more effectively convert programs from in-person to virtual delivery and hundreds of Train Like A Champion readers participated in these webinars. From conversations that took place during these webinars, it appeared that one of the biggest sources of anxiety for people entering the world of virtual training delivery is their unfamiliarity with which virtual tools to use, when.

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Innovation In L and D

As professionals in the learning and development community, it is important to push ourselves to find new approaches to problems. Being innovative can be defined many ways, but it isn’t necessity as complex as we may think.

On the podcast this week, Darren Nerland Learning Strategist at Degreed sits down with us to talk about his experiences with innovation. Both as co-founder of Learnapalooza, and a leader in the L&D community, Daren has observed several approaches to innovation. In this podcast we discuss how to connect with the Learnopalooza community, how to push the boundaries of learning, and one of the main elements that proceeds nearly all innovative solutions.

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Converting from In-person to Virtual Training? Here are a few considerations.

Several weeks ago I asked how comfortable people were with virtual training delivery. The vote tally broke fairly evenly with about 51% saying they weren’t very comfortable with virtual training delivery and 49% saying they were indeed comfortable.

This week, we at Endurance Learning began offering a short virtual session on some key concepts to keep in mind as you deliver virtual training. If you’d like to sign up for one of these sessions, there is space remaining in our final four offerings (click here for more information).

To help those of you who are working hard to put together virtual programs, we’ve come up with a document that may help you figure out which feature of your web conferencing platform will best help you design an activity to engage your learners.

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Tips For Engaging Learners From the Bob Pike Group (podcast)

A while back we shared almost 300 activities you could use to engage your learners.

Some folks say they don’t care about “engaging” training. What does “engagement” even mean, and is it important?

On the podcast this week, Becky Pluth author and CEO at the Bob Pike Group sits down with us to talk about how they approach learner engagement. During this episode she talks about some of the research behind how we engage our learners, the difference between activities that add value and activities that don’t add value, and  some evidence-based tips on how to engage learners both in-person and virtually.

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Creating an L&D Portfolio (10-min podcast)

Last week, Brian wrote about 4 productive uses of your time while quarantined. Today, Mary Cropp, Director of Learning and Development at Bluetooth Sig, offers us a fifth idea with today’s podcast: putting together a portfolio of work samples that can help open doors and turn heads as you look for your next L&D role.

Mary has spent the past several years presenting at conferences across the country about the importance of putting together a portfolio, and in this brief podcast she shares her thoughts from the perspective of a hiring manager.

During our chat, we talk about the benefits of portfolios, what kinds of things should be included in a learning professional’s portfolio and how to navigate proprietary information that you may want to include in your portfolio.

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4 productive uses of your time while quarantined

This is unlike any other time in our lives. Many of us are living under stay-at-home orders. Zoom is our new way of life. And we have even more time to scroll through social media and news sites to see what’s happening in the world and to search for some glimmers of hope.

Perhaps we’ll be back to normal in a few months. Maybe it’ll take a year for things to truly feel “normal” again. Whenever it is that “normal” returns, will you be prepared for it? Here are four ideas of actions you can be taking now to be sure you’re prepared when “normal” arrives.

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The Path to Getting Published

Becoming a published writer can be tricky to navigate. Now that many of us are working from home and have a bit more free time, stretch goals like writing an article or even a book may feel a bit more realistic. In this podcast, we chat with Eliza Blanchard who is the Learning & Development content manager at the Association for Talent Development– ATD – to discuss what it takes to get published. She has several recommendations including how to get started, what writers should focus on, and how to get past imposter syndrome as a new writer.

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How To Keep Learning Going After Training (podcast)

A lot of magic can happen during a training, conference, or webinar, but what happens after the session ends? Keeping the learning going after a session enables trainers to build on what happens in a session; however, designing this may not be easy. This week we sit down with Nancy Bacon of Nancy Bacon Consulting to learn how she finds ways to engage after training. She discusses tools, resources, and a few ideas on how others can approach learning after a session.

It should be noted that this podcast was captured before social distancing recommendations were put into place. While gathering may look a little different than it did a few weeks ago, everything in this podcast continues to apply for those of us who can meet and talk virtually. Whether virtual coffee or virtual meetings, now more than ever, it is important to find ways to continue to come together in new ways.

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