Finding Gratitude in 2020

2020 has been one for the books. Very few people have been entirely unaffected by the events in our world over recent months. Notwithstanding, there have been some lessons learned this year, and just like any training, it is important to debrief what we can take away from this year.

Blogs as a Learning Tool

Blogs can be a very effective reflection and follow-up tool for learning programs. And they can be written in as few as 6 words!

Preparing Teachers to Train with Lisa Spinelli

Lisa Spinelli took some time with us this week to talk to us about what she learned while writing her book, Teacher to Trainers.

We take some time to dig into why teachers tend to move into training, how to build your skill set if you are a teacher looking to move into training, and what challenges to expect for professionals thinking about this move.

Podcasts in Training

As learning and development professionals, we are always looking for new ways to deliver content to our learners. One approach to this challenge is to consider how you like to have content delivered.

Podcasts have become a big part of the way many of us learn during our busy lives. In our conversation with Betty Dannewitz we get some great ideas about how to incorporate podcasts into your next training initiative.

Are Online Conferences Worthwhile?

With large conferences going online for the foreseeable future, many ask if it is even worth it to attend in this new format.
Last week I attended the Adobe MAX online conference. In this post we look my impression and what other online conferences can learn from Adobe.

Learning Campaigns

What is it like to be on the other side of the training? In other words, do your participants have a working world that lives beyond attending your training? Of course they do. Because of this, we often need more than one way to get information to our learners. Learning campaigns can be a great way to achieve that.

Top 200 Tools for Learning in 2020

Sometimes we get into our rhythm and forget there are new tools that could make our work easier or better. Each year, Jane Hart publishes a list of the top 200 tools for learning. Here are some thoughts on this year’s list.