Help! I need some priorities for an L&D podcast.

The Train Like You Listen podcast will finish a second year of conversations and interviews with authors, thought leaders and frontline L&D practitioners in December, and I’ve been thinking of changing the format up a bit.

I’ll still have plenty of episodes featuring interviews with some really smart people who have some really fresh ideas to share when it comes to honing our craft as L&D professionals. I’m also going to have some shorter-form podcasts in which I’ll be sharing some experiences and insights on some specific instructional design practices and skills.

Then there’s a third format that I’ve been kicking around and which I’m really excited about. I’m still working through the details, but the format will be more story-based. It’s this third idea that I’m looking for some help when it comes to prioritizing topics. I have a whole list of topics that I’ve brainstormed, but where should I focus?

Please help me out by identifying which of the following would be the most interesting and/or helpful for you to learn more about.

Which of the following would like be most interested in learning more about?

Thank you for your help, and stay tuned for some very different podcasts in 2022!

2 thoughts on “Help! I need some priorities for an L&D podcast.

  1. Hey Brian! I’d love to hear about a different topic than those listed— about finding meaning in the work, about instructional design for good, even ethical instructional design… I think many of us are interested in that. I know that’s big, maybe thorny, but if anyone can do it, you can!

    • Ooooo. I love that you went off-menu and added something here – the ideas about finding meaningful work and/or instructional design for good can be very interesting (and I’ve had lots of experience in those areas!!).

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