Virtual Training Lessons Learned

Kassy LaBorie is one of the early adopters for virtual tools like Zoom, Teams, etc… as a remote training tool. On this week’s Train Like You Listen podcast, Kassy joins us to share some insights on virtual instructor-led training after a year where many of us were unexpectedly thrust into adopting these tools.

We’ve been adding transcripts to all of our recent (and many of our older podcasts). If you like seeing the conversations in this format, let us know in the comments.

Survey Results: The Burden of Going All Virtual

Last week I asked a series of questions about how organizations are adapting to a more virtual-centric world. Some of these results may surprise you (for example, the number of organizations still doing a significant amount of in-person training!).

Taking a Conference Virtual

Conference season is coming! What do conferences look like during the time of Covid-19? One of our favorite conferences, Learnapalooza, is taking things virtual this year and we sat down with Chief Innovator Erin Peterschick to hear what she and her team are planning. This conference is typically set in the Seattle area and offers … Continue reading Taking a Conference Virtual