Supervisor, Supervisor What Do You See?

I spent a lot of money getting a masters degree in pursuit of the question: how do you get training to “stick”?  I wish someone had simply given me a textbook that went something like this… 


Supervisor, supervisor, what do you see?

I see a skills gap looking at me.

 Skills Gap

Skills gap, skills gap, what do you see?

I see some new professional development goals looking at me.


Professional development goals, professional development goals, what do you see?

I see well-constructed learning objectives looking at me.

 Action-oriented learner-centered objectives

Learning objectives, learning objectives, what do you see?

I see participants who will be able to explain, describe and demonstrate skills to me.


Participants, participants, what do you see?

I see a presenter who knows how to engage me.


Presenter, presenter, what do you see?

I see flipcharts, case studies, role plays, simulations, videos and just a touch of PowerPoint looking at me.


Training materials, training materials what do you see?

I see learners ready to transfer new skills engaged with me.

Ready for transfer

Learners, learners, what do you see?

I see…

  • A variety of well-put together training materials
  • Skilled and polished presenters
  • A roomful of engaged learners
  • Action-oriented, learner-focused objectives
  • Professional goals aligned with the learning objectives
  • A clear skills gap to fill
  • And a supervisor who – both before and after the training – knows how to support me

That’s what I see!

I See Everything

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