Sweat the Small Stuff: A Training Materials Checklist

Nobody wants to walk into a training room to find an unprepared presenter.  Of course, I’ve never met a presenter who looked himself in the mirror and said: “I really hope that I look foolish and unprepared today!”

One of the best ways I know how to prepare for a presentation is through a well-designed lesson plan.  But even the most creative, instructionally sound presentations can quickly get de-railed if the presenter forgot to bring an important material or if a piece of equipment just wasn’t set up in time.  The following checklist could prove helpful in day-of-presentation preparation.

05062013 - Materials Checklist

On the day of a training workshop, I know there can be a lot of things happening – meetings, phone calls, emails, other project deadlines.  I’ve found having a checklist like this can help remove my anxiety around being certain I have everything I need as I head into the training room.

Is there anything missing from this checklist?  Drop me a line in the comments section.

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