Telling Your Story with Adobe Spark

Last week, I posted a quiz about storytelling styles. In the quiz, you found out the style of storytelling you are inclined towards. The styles in that quiz are

Playwright: The dramatic storyteller who breaks content into acts.
Journalist: The fact-forward storyteller.
Loquacious:  The meandering character-centric storyteller.
Trainer:  The succinct structured storyteller.

Now that you know your style, you need to execute the delivery. The media through which we tell our stories is not limited to live in-person storytelling. This week, I am testing out a few tools from Adobe Spark to tell a story.

Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Page

Adobe Spark page

Which storytelling technique do you think I used to build this story in Adobe Spark?

Do you want to know more about how I quickly put together these stories? Join me at Learning Solutions in Orlando, FL next week at my session Harnessing the Power of the Narrative—Storytelling and Adobe Spark Video.

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