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While you wait for the next article, take a look at a few of Train Like a Champion’s best articles.

Using a Lesson Plan Outline to Organize Your Presentation
Being intentional and methodical when it comes to organizing your thoughts around a presentation – whether a 5-minute presentation during a team meeting, a formal training session or even a sales pitch – is such an under-utilized art form.

Infographic: Why Corporate Training is a Colossal Waste (and What to Do About It)
Would you get upset if you spent $1,000 on a watch that didn’t work? How about spending $40,000 on a car that didn’t go?

18 Instructor-led Training Activities to Engage Your Audience
Not only are these practical ideas for instructor-led training but they are all shared through video!

“I don’t do touchy-feely”
“Look, my topic is boring.  It’s technical.  I can’t do all that touchy feely stuff.  I just need to tell them what they need to know.”  I’ve been on the receiving end of this conversation with a number of technical subject matter experts over the past several years. If you can’t get excited about your own topic and if you think your own area of expertise is boring, what do you think your learners will think?

The Evolution of an SME
Is this what your subject matter experts say? “Then I was informed our process would include a multi-day walkthrough of the material – a sort of dressed rehearsal.  My idea of what went into a successful presentation was again being stretched.”

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