The Value of Being Active on Social Media in L&D (podcast)

What value can learning and development folks get from being more active on social media? Well one opportunity is to talk with people like Mike Taylor from about all of the cool things he finds on the internet. You can also geek out with Brian Washburn about all things training and development, or Heather Snyder about eLearning design and development. You can virtually talk to anyone in our industry with a quick post.

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Mike Taylor about how he found his way into social media and how he now uses it as a tool for himself and to share information with others. On our 22nd episode on the Train Like You Listen podcast, we learn more about how to get started with social media, who to follow, and what effect it can have on networking in-person.

Listen using the player below. Please leave us your thoughts in the comment section or on twitter @train_champion.

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