20 Questions (Training Edition)

As I scroll through LinkedIn, I see lots of strong opinions about lots of different topics, especially when it comes to the language we use, the practices in which we engage and tools people prefer. I’m curious about where Train Like A Champion readers stand on some of these topics. Below is a series of “This or That”-style poll questions. If you have a few minutes, I’d love to see where you stand.

(Yes, I know that the binary format of these this-or-that-style questions doesn’t always offer a perfect set of choices, but simply choose the option that’s closest to how you feel!)

Who leads a professional development session?

Who designs a professional development session?

What's the name for a synchronous online learning experience?

When someone asks you to coffee to "pick your brain", you should...

When you're leading a session and someone says it's too hot, you...

Which is your preferred visual aid?

Which is your writing instrument of choice?

Which is your preferred method to gain new knowledge?

When it comes to participant questions, do you prefer they...

Would you prefer to...

Do you prefer to learn by...

When you're delivering training, do you prefer...

Scores from post-training evaluation are...

ROI for a training initiative...

When it comes to your PowerPoint slides, do you...

When you want your participants' opinions, which do you prefer?

What's your philosophy on pre-work before training?

What's your philosophy on Myers-Briggs?

Which would you prefer to attend?

When it comes to getting through a project, do you prefer to...

Did any of these questions (or their accompanying choices) give you a reaction? I’d love to hear why (in the comment section below).

9 thoughts on “20 Questions (Training Edition)

  1. Hi Brian! I’d love to see updates on your results here including how many responses you get. These are some really interesting questions. I voted the other day and refreshed the page hoping to see updated graphs, but it looks as if it just opens up the voting again. I don’t want to skew your data by voting a second time. 🙂

  2. First off, Mr. Sketch has the scented markers, so that’s a 100% no-brainer. Second, I think the MBTI gets bad press because there are some zealots out there and it’s pricey. But the use of valid and reliable psychometrics in class is something we should be doing – and there are plenty of free things out there in research. Even a basic 5-factor inventory can be set up in any survey tool using free items from https://ipip.ori.org/.

  3. Q: What’s your philosophy on pre-work before training?

    My personal experience with pre-work is that most people don’t do it before attending. If you have built a course based on the user doing pre-work and they don’t do it, you have to spend part of the time allocated to training on the topic to cover pre-work to get them caught up, so they will understand what you are covering.

  4. “Scores from post-training evals…” I assume you’re referring to Level 1… then the options make sense. I think the question needs a bit more clarity. I don’t find immense value in level 1 – but rely on level 3 and 4 which are technically considered post training evals.

  5. I love this poll because of the live results!
    – write in for voting: I love Slido, followed by native polling features in Zoom
    – who are the monsters that prefer sharpies over Mr. Sketch?
    – please publish the results! (I’m sure you will, but seriously, do it)

    • Seriously… MONSTERS!! I’ve never used Slido… gonna have to check it out (see, this is why I blog… I learn as much as I actually share). Thanks for the note, Jenn. Results shall be published in another post in the next few weeks!!

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