42 L&D Wishes

42 candles

Yesterday I celebrated my 42nd birthday, which meant a lot of candles on my cake. I grew up being told that each candle represented a wish.

Here are the 42 wishes I made as I blew out the forest fire that appeared atop my cake yesterday:   Continue reading

An Increasingly Cantankerous L&D Professional Makes His Birthday Wish(es)

Birthday Candles

As I grow older, I’m not sure I’m getting any wiser, but I sure seem to be getting grumpier. While I try not to use this space to vent with an unconstructive, unproductive airing of grievances, today is my birthday so I’m going to indulge in a bit of curmudgeonly pontifications.

With forty candles on my cake this year, I’m assuming that means I get forty wishes as long as I can blow out all the candles in one big breath. Here are 40 things I wish for the future of learning and development:  Continue reading