Why “curation” is so 2015… and what’s taking its place


Last week I was perusing my LinkedIn feed and saw that LINGOs CEO Chris Proulx had shared this article by Josh Bersin, with a provocative (dangerously close to click bait) title “Make HR ‘Go Away'”.

I was particularly taken by this paragraph: “The word ‘curation’ was probably the word of the year in 2015 or so. Today I think even the concept of curation is out of date: we need machine intelligence and predictive analytics (‘people like me will most likely click on X’) to sort this all out. We now read about false news on social media and even companies like Facebook and Google are struggling to figure out how to make relevant content easier to find.”   Continue reading

Cool Professional Development Tool Review: Degreed

A few months ago I was at a conference at which Kelly Palmer, Chief Learning Officer at Degreed, delivered the opening keynote speech.

A few weeks later, I was emailing with a colleague and she mentioned how impressed she was with Degreed.

A few weeks after that, I got a call from a Degreed sales rep to gauge my organization’s interest in using their platform on an enterprise level.

It seemed the universe was trying to tell me to take a closer look, so I finally checked it out for myself. I liked it. Here’s why.   Continue reading