Sometimes your audience is just going to pay more attention to Facebook

At the beginning of the month I was in India, facilitating a 2-day change management workshop. It was a follow-up to a 2-day session in October in which participants created a series of performance rubrics in order to better identify competencies across a variety of eye care-related skill sets.

As day 2 got underway, I happened to be walking behind one participant and noticed something curious: he had his laptop open (which is fine) and he was browsing his Facebook feed (which wasn’t quite as fine with me).

Facebook 2

Should I tap him on the shoulder and ask him to pay attention? Should I make a general announcement to let everyone know that it’s ok to have computers out to take notes but not to catch up on email (or check Facebook)?

I had a decision to make. In the end, I chose to Continue reading

Facebook’s Anti-bias Training is Interesting, Amusing… and Quite Dangerous

Facebook (Thumbs Down)

You can tell me that bias exists in the workplace, that my co-workers have biases, that I myself have biases, and that we as a company… nay… we as a nation must do more to combat workplace biases in order to create the inclusive, representative organizations that we need, and I’ll believe you.

Just don’t tell me this stuff for an hour. Even this training-loving, left-leaning, rule-following do-gooder will tune out after 10 minutes.¬† Continue reading