Flowchart: Is Your PowerPoint Any Good?

Want to deliver a killer presentation? You’re going to need top notch slides to accompany your delivery.

Have you put together a deck of top notch slides? I’ve put together a little flowchart (click here to download a pdf version) to help you check your work.

Is Your PowerPoint Any Good

Is there anything missing from the flowchart? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Will Your Presentation Stick? A Flowchart

Every time you present, you have an opportunity to change the way people work, the way people think and thus every presentation even holds the potential to change the world. This is only true, however, if your audience remembers what you’ve said. In other words, your message needs to stick.

How can you best ensure your presentation and your message stick? Here is a flowchart which can help predict the “stickiness factor” of your message (click here if you’d like to download the flowchart):

Flowchart - Will Your Presentation Stick

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