Why (and How) I #GuildChat

Over the past year, I’ve written several articles about the joys and benefits of Tweet chatting (here is a quick primer if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a Tweet chat).

As my to-do list at work has grown longer (with shorter turn-around times), I was able to join in on fewer and fewer Twitter conversations. Last week, however, I got excited to see that the eLearning Guild’s weekly #GuildChat topic would be onboarding.

I’m in the midst of helping overhaul my organization’s onboarding programs, I’ve been looking for some good ideas, so this seemed quite timely.

Normally, to participate in a Tweet chat, I’ll sit by myself at my desk, kind of hoping nobody else walks by and thinks it’s ok to interrupt me because I’m “just doing Twitter.” Last week, I switched this routine up a bit. Continue reading

4 Free, Underused Resources that Training Department Managers and ID Professors Should Be Using

Last week I was perusing my Twitter feed and came across this little tidbit from Melissa Milloway:

It made me smile. When I recently interviewed for an instructor position for a new professional certificate program in Workplace Learning and Professional Development at the University of Washington, I actually used the idea of having students participate in Tweet Chats in response to a question. I had been asked how I could keep learning going outside of the classroom.

Here are four specific, free, underused resources that I’d recommend to every training department manager and instructional design professor: Continue reading