The one interview question I always ask when screening someone for a training position


I’ve been interviewing a lot of people recently for a variety of training positions.

Interviews are a funny phenomenon. Some people interview really well. Other people get quite nervous and struggle mightily. I learned the hard way that you can’t hire someone solely on the strength of their interview performance. Other factors like their resume, work samples, portfolio and performance during a simulated task are also key factors.

There is one question that I’ve found when screening training professionals that offers me insights into how they think and what they identify as important to them: Continue reading

10 Training Interview Questions

Whether you’re looking for your next position in facilitating workshops or you’re looking to put a new degree in instructional design to use in the “real world”, here are 10 questions you should be ready for in your next interview. In addition to being prepared to answer these training interview questions, it might also be helpful to know why a hiring manager is asking such questions in the first place. In parentheses, I’ve added the “question(s) behind the question“.

Question #1: Why do you want this position?

Questions behind the question:

  1. Do you even like training and development or are you just looking to escape their current job?
  2. Do you know what we do here?
  3. What kind of passion do you have for learning and teaching others?

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