Checking the Readability Level of your Training Documents

Last week I had an opportunity to present at the Online Learning Conference in Chicago. After my session was over, I snuck in to several other sessions, including Julie Dirksen’s session entitled The Science of Attention, Willpower and Decision-making for Better eLearning. The facts and figures she presented were compelling (especially the way in which she dispelled the “human attention span is only 8 seconds” statistic), but it was a Microsoft Word trick she mentioned in passing that I found most interesting and couldn’t wait to try.    Continue reading

Microsoft Word Job Aid Template

microsoft word job aid template

Last week I was brainstorming performance support ideas with a colleague. She shared how her team needed to be able to easily find information quickly when speaking on the phone with a variety of audiences. This wasn’t just for some information, her team needed to be able to quickly access bits and pieces of information from an enormous catalog of ways to address concerns of the people with whom they interacted.

Was there a way to get our learning management system to do this? Or perhaps there was a way to do this through a complex series of variables created in Storyline?

I thought for a moment.

“Why not do it in a Word document?” I asked.  Continue reading