Green Eggs and the Boomerang

boo·mer·ang (boo-muh-rang)

noun: strategy used by skilled training professionals to throw the audience’s question back to the group without the presenter first providing an expert opinion or answer

That Flip Chart Gang

That Flip Chart Gang

I do not like that Flip Chart Gang

Would you like to boomerang?

I do not like that Flip Chart Gang,

I do not like to boomerang.

Even when someone asks?

They may have a task.

They may even ask.

But I will not do it Flip Chart Gang,

I will not throw back the question like a boomerang.

Would you, could you, in a small group?

I would not, could not in a small group.

I would not, could not with a large troupe.

Even if they have a task.

Even if they are brave enough to ask.

I will not do it Flip Chart Gang.

I will not throw the question back like a boomerang.

Would you try it once or twice?

I would not boomerang once,

I would not boomerang twice.

I’m the expert and giving up control is too high of a price.

Whether it’s in a large troupe,

Or if it’s in a small group,

Even if they have a task,

Even if they are brave enough to ask.

I will not do it Flip Chart Gang.

I will not throw the question back like a boomerang.

Give it a whirl, and you will see,

Let them answer just once and I’ll let you be.

I shall give it a whirl and honor your plea,

Just this once, if you let me be.

A question has been posed, what do you all think?

Hey! The audience’s answer doesn’t stink!

Maybe I am not the only one who is wise.

Maybe answers can come from any of these gals and guys.

Maybe I will boomerang more than once or twice.

Maybe giving up some control really isn’t that high of a price.

And it can happen in small groups!

And it can happen in large troupes!

The next time they have a task,

I will hold my answer when they ask.

Instead I will use the boomerang.

Thank you, thank you Flip Chart Gang!

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A Poem for Mr. Sketch

This post is for anyone who has ever fallen in love with a particular office supply, only to come to work one day to find your beloved office supply has gone missing because someone else apparently loved that office supply, too.

Mr Sketch

Folks have gathered

From near and from far

Taking their seats…

And there you are

Lying still

Atop the tables

An array of colors

White lettered labels

“Mr. Sketch” someone mutters

Removing your top

Writing a name tag

In the middle he stops

He sniffs

Yes, there’s definitely a hint

Could it be? Could it possibly be?!

Yes, that’s definitely mint

Looking around

All over the room

People in suits

Huffing your perfume!

There’s apple and cinnamon,

Orange and blueberry

Licorice, grape,

Raspberry and cherry

No icebreaker needed

For strangers who walked in the door

Bond and write

And smell and smile and giggle galore

Mr Sketch

You’re simply the best

This much is true

You don’t run dry or gunk up

You don’t bleed through

The room may be too cold

Or for some it’s too hot

The mic screeches with feedback

No more coffee in the pot

The projector bulb blew

And the DVD won’t play

Mr. Sketch you are my one constant

All through the day