How do you “work out loud” across continents? There’s an app for that.

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Imagine you were given the opportunity to restore sight to someone who was blind. And the better you did your job, the greater number of people who could see.

I work for an eye bank, and my colleagues and I wake up to this opportunity every day.

For those of us who work in the same office, the opportunity to share promising practices presents itself through a variety of every day interactions – sitting next to one another, in the lunchroom, at the water cooler, in weekly staff meetings or daily huddles. It’s less easy, however, to share new thoughts or ideas or ways to move past common problems for those of us working with colleagues around the world. To some degree, when colleagues are out of sight, they’re also out of mind. Continue reading

Lessons in Professional Development from a Weekend Camping Trip


I didn’t grow up camping. I never learned how to properly set up a tent (let alone rub two sticks together to make fire), yet I’ve managed to survive my third Memorial Day Weekend in a row out in nature. As we broke down our camp site on Monday, I realized that I learned everything I know about camping by simply spending time with my fellow campers, one holiday weekend a year, for the last three years.

Without these fellow campers, I never would have thought to bring an inflatable queen-sized mattress for the tent. I never would have learned how to make egg burritos without ever needing to clean up a pan (hint: it involves Continue reading