Trainer Observation Checklist: A Tool to Support Presenters

Recently I was asked to give feedback to someone who wasn’t quite ready to represent the organization as a facilitator in front of a live audience.  To prepare for this conversation, I developed the following form to observe this person, take notes and organize my thoughts.

Trainer Observation Checklist - Facilitator Feedback Form

Download a PDF of the Trainer Observation Checklist to use as often as you like.

Feedback, especially when it’s critical of someone’s performance is tough to give.  Use a Trainer Observation Checklist to be prepared with specific observations that can lead to a more constructive conversation.

What would you add or change about this observation form?

2 thoughts on “Trainer Observation Checklist: A Tool to Support Presenters

  1. Excellent list. A couple things came to mind for me:

    -Eye contact
    -“Interactiveness”–there’s gotta be a better word/phrase for it, but did the facilitator build in the chance for participants to interact with the content? This could be discussion, allowing participants to volunteer stories of their own experiences, asking questions, table activities, handouts, etc.

    And after a conference I just came back from, I would suggest “a sense of play,” but that’s even fuzzier than the last one. Did the facilitator incorporate any play or game elements into the session?


    • Thanks Kirby (and sorry for the delay in responding – I’m vacationing in New Hampshire this week with spotty connectivity). I love both the interactiveness and sense of play – from a design standpoint these would be great things to watch for and provide specific feedback on. From a delivery standpoint it’s a little trickier – if someone was given a lesson plan and simply told to use it and facilitate the lesson, you’ll have to offer feedback on the delivery (monotone, checking if the learners get it, etc); a facilitator may attempt to add some play or interactiveness, but if it’s not in the design, it’s tough to add those elements on the fly.

      I know you’re more focused on elearning – what kinds of things would you include in a feedback form for elearning design?

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