Trainer’s Guide to Webex

In the 2020 Covid-era VILT platform showdown, organizations are choosing different platforms for their training departments for various reasons (cost, security, and available features, to name a few). Often times, Webex wins out as the platform of choice.

We’ve heard from trainers that learning the Webex platform can be overwhelming. And it is no surprise; Webex is a beast of a tool. Logging into Webex can feel like visiting a great ice cream parlor; there are so many choices that you just don’t know where to begin! Thank your lucky stars; the Trainer’s Guide to Webex has arrived!

Using the Trainer’s Guide to Webex

Upon logging into Webex, one might feel like there are a lot of buttons but not many features. More than likely, the features that you are seeking are indeed available on Webex – they simply need to be enabled. This is where the Trainer’s Guide to Webex comes in handy as a quick reference guide to utilizing all of your favorite training features via the Webex platform.

Webex offers trainers an expanded library of training tools including the ability to track participant attention, schedule and send welcome messages, lock your meeting (for security reasons), allow participants to take notes within the platform, share documents or handouts with ease, and even hide participants (so that they cannot see one another; perfect for meeting with multiple clients at once).

messages in webex

After becoming familiar with the platform, a trainer will find that they have access to expansive capabilities that other platforms don’t offer (or they ask you to pay a premium for)!

poll results in webex

Another notable Webex feature is the ability to create multiple-question polls to function as a quiz or assessment. With the click of a button, a trainer can save participants’ answers for viewing after the session is over.

If you’ve been looking for some of these features, perhaps it’s time to download the Trainer’s Guide to Webex and take Webex for a trial run. If you have been utilizing Webex already, maybe it’s time to expand your training repertoire by adding a few of the functions described in the Guide to your next training session.

Download the Trainer’s Guide to Webex

Trainer's Guide to Webex

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