Trainer’s Guides for Zoom and GoToTraining

The Trainer’s Guide to Zoom was updated on March 2, 2021. Download the latest version below!

In the spring, the whole world seemed to need to move to online meetings and virtual training, almost overnight. On April 1, we asked Train Like A Champion readers how comfortable they were delivering virtual training, and the results came back, split down the middle. Half of the respondents to the poll chose “I’m super comfortable” and the other half chose “I’m pretty shaky”.

My guess is that with practice and having virtual sessions become more of the norm, people are much more comfortable now than they were six months ago.

Just like with other tools (PowerPoint comes to mind), feeling comfortable using them, and feeling comfortable leveraging all of the features they have to use the tools for maximum impact are two different things. For that reason, my colleague Lauren Wescott, has spent time studying the most commonly used virtual platforms and has begun to generate a series of quick reference guides on how to maximize the use of the platform you may be using. The first two guides focus on Zoom and GoToTraining.

Training Guides that focus on Adult Learning

trainer's guide to zoom focusing on adult learning

More than a typical quick reference guide that walks you through specific features of the platform, these guides provide an overview of features with an eye toward how best to use them to engage adult learners.

Best Practices that Go Beyond the Technology

Sometimes features on various platforms aren’t used because people don’t understand why you’d use them. These guides offer some concrete ideas on how and why to use each of the features available in your platform.

Back-Up Plans, Because Technology Isn’t Perfect

No matter how comfortable you are using virtual platforms, there will probably be times when something doesn’t work like you’d have hoped. These guides offer some ideas along the way in the event your initial plan is thwarted because your platform has chosen this day (of all days) to act up.

Know the Limitations of the Technology

Sometimes you think you should be able to use a feature, but you can’t. Figuring out if that issue is on your end or the participant’s end can be a key element to making sure everyone has a consistent learning experience.

Click the cover of the Trainer’s Guide to Zoom or the Trainer’s Guide to GoToTraining to download.

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