Training Valentines for your Favorite Presenter!

When I was younger, I used to love Valentine’s Day. I loved decorating a cereal box with construction paper to serve as my “mailbox”, and I certainly loved seeing the different Valentines that got dropped into my box. I’d hope for one with Star Wars or G.I. Joe… though I also loved the ones with puns and jokes… and the best ones came with blow pops or Skittles attached.

Every once in a while, in an office, I’ll find a fun Valentine sitting on my computer when I come back from a meeting or perhaps some team will have gotten organized and left a Valentine in everyone’s mailbox in the mailroom. Getting a Valentine still makes me smile.

If they still make you smile, today’s blog might serve to help spread cheer and smiles around your office this Valentine’s Day. Below are five training Valentines that anyone who presents or trains might appreciate.
Feel free to print them out and distribute them, or download them and email them to your favorite trainer! [ess_post]

training valentines - cherry's for red

training valentines - evaluation

training valentines - ADDIE

training valentines - teammates

training valentines - distractors

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!

Want more training Valentine-themed fun? Here’s a presentation I put together a little while back about ways to share your love for your audience:


Ever have a training project that just lingers because you have a gazillion other things on your plate and you just can’t get to it? Or perhaps you have an urgent training project that just got put at the top of your priority list and you aren’t sure how you’ll get it done because you don’t have the bandwidth? Let’s talk!

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